Monday, December 15, 2008

Fat Burner Express Day 1

Today I have started a Fat Burner Express Day 1 routine which comes with Power90.

What happened to p90x? Well, the short answer is I stopped. The longer answer is that I started to have to travel a lot with my job and I let myself down by not pushing forward with p90x. I definitely regret not pushing forward with p90x as I would be super fit right now!

Moving forward....

More than a couple of months later I have decided to step back and try to get through Power90. A friend of mine decided to try the Power90 program first as he felt he was not in good enough shape to start p90x. I have decided to do it with him so that we could get through the program together. This is the main reason why I am going back to Power90 rather than push back into p90x. Also, a few weeks ago I tried starting p90x again and was sore for almost a week after day 1. This made me realize that maybe I should work back into p90x. Going through power90 should be a very good way to prepare me for the X!

So, since I am starting over I have taken all of my measurements and stats again for day 1.

I took all of my stats down last night and this morning for Day 1 and they are all listed below. I am going to include my blood pressure as I am hoping it will also come down. My height is 5'10" and I am 33.

My Stats on Day 1:
Chest = 40.5"
Right Arm = 12.5"
Left Arm = 12"
Waist = 38.5"
Hips = 37.5"
Right Thigh = 19.25"
Left Thigh = 19.25"
Weight = 177
BMI = 25.3
Fat % = 24.1
Blood Pressure = 152/83 (night before first day)

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