Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 9- Sweat 1-2

Whew! I am sore today. I now know that the workouts from yesterday really did work as I have the proof in the way I feel today :) The workout this morning was good. I did the full Sweat 1-2 and Ab Routine. I was a bit light on the energy so I could not do it with as much intensity as I would have liked, but I did do the routine. I have had some massive cravings for the holiday sweets that I smell in my house and everywhere I go!

Tomorrow is Sculpt 1-2 and I am already looking forward to it. I think I will likely start taking a little creatine in my water with the workout tomorrow. I plan on not skipping any days of exercise during the holidays but I will be eating a bit more food than my plan would allow. One thing I will be trying to do either way is to eat 5 times a day even on Christmas.

"Do Your Best and Forget The Rest"
I love this motto and today and over the next few days this seems like a wonderful time to keep this in mind. Whether it is with the meal plan, exercise routine, Christmas activities, work related, family related.. anything can apply. All YOU can do is your best and once you do that, then you should let everything else go.

These days will be busy for everyone I am sure. We should all try to take some time throughout the days to just relax, even if it is in increments of 100. One trick I learned a while back is that when you are really stressed, angry, frustrated, or having a negative emotion is to count backwards from 100 until I am calmer. Often just this alone can bring me back to reality and view the situation from a different perspective which causes me to see that it is not that big of a deal. Today will come and go either way so lets make the best of it and forget the rest of it :)

Happy Holidays!


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