Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 8 - Power 90 - Sculpt 1-2 or Sweat 1-2???

Well this morning I got a little confused about which routine I was supposed to start with. I put in Sweat 1-2, started, and about 1/2 of the way through the stretching my wife came in to inform me that I was supposed to be doing Sculpt 1-2!! OOPS! So, then I started over in the Sculpt 1-2 routine.

The Sculpt 1-2 routine was just OK for me. Nothing overly exciting. I felt that some of the pace was too fast and some was too slow. I am sure that over time as I continue to do it I will figure out the pace that works best for me. Weight wise I mostly used 15 pound weights, although I did switch up for a resistance band (the lighter red one) for some of it. I did at least 8-10 reps on almost all exercises with some going all the way to 15. I did most of the push-ups and other exercises, but a few of the push-ups (during the 7-7-7) I did on my knees.

After Sculpt 1-2 I thought I was supposed to do the Ab Routine. So, I did. I later found out that the ab routine is for tomorrow! Oops again! I thought the Ab routine was easier than I had anticipated. I could not do all 10 of 10 but I did at least 90 of the total 100. I like this ab routine and feel that I will be able to master this in no time.

After doing Sculpt 1-2 and the Ab Routine I still felt like I had tons of energy and I had barely started sweating. So, after seeing my wife and son leave for the day I decided to jump back in there and do some cardio. I went ahead and did Sweat 1-2 as well!! I think this will be OK to do the Sweat + Sculpt in the same day although I do not planning on doing this more than once or twice a week as time permits. I thought this routine was quite a bit easier than the Fat Burning Express Cardio workout. I look forward to doing it again tomorrow. I have a feeling that I may need to move on to the next set of Sweat routines sooner than I had initially anticipated.

I have my meal plan all set for today. It does seem like a TON more food to me than I would normally eat, even before. I am hoping that the working out makes up for any extra calories I am ingesting. If I notice a lot of weight gain over the next two weeks then I might scale this back some.

Have a Great DAY!


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