Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 6 - Power90 - Fat Burner Express

Day 6 workout is complete! I have now completed the 6 days of the fat burner express workout routine. Today I will finish up the diet/meal plan portion of that program and Monday I will be moving into week 2 of Power90. Once again today my muscles in my legs and arms are sore and they burned while working out.

Yesterday my coach at BeachBody informed me that this meal plan for this week is giving me about 700-800 calories a day!! WOW! What concerns me about that is I really hope that my body is not in starvation mode as then I am burning muscle. Either way today is the last day of it so I am going to push through. My wife has reported to me this morning that she is down 8 pounds for the week. Tomorrow is our official weigh in/stat day.

Yesterday I also purchased the membership to the BB site so that I can get detailed meal plans moving forward. It states that I should be consuming 2100 calories and my wife should be at 1600. What I hope to figure out soon is can I have a burger or higher calorie, less healthy lunch on some days as long as I still maintain under 2100 calories. I imagine the answer is no because I also need to maintain an specific ratio of carbs, fats, & proteins. So, maybe if the unhealthy lunch is still balanced in those categories then it will be OK?

This is what I consumed yesterday:

Meal 1: 1/2 cup Strawberries/1/4 bannana + Protein shake
Meal 2: 1 cup raspberries and Cottage Cheese (the raspberries were awesome!)
Meal 3: Chicken Breast Salad with green beans, red pepper, and celery - red wine vinegar
Meal 4: 15 almonds
Meal 5: Dijon baked chicken and steamed asparagus

One note about salad/lunch: 2 days in a row now I have not been able to finish my lunch due to it being hard to get down. I am definitely going to have to get some better dressing or none at all. It makes me nautios to even think about it and I am suppsoed to have one today too! A big goal for us is to find some homemade recipies for low fat, low carb, no sugar, low calorie dressing. With all that criteria it should be interesting.

I sure am looking forward to my cheat meal tomorrow :) At the begining of this I decided I was going to give myself one meal a week to eat outside the plan. For tomorrow I hope to have sushi but the place may be closed. Next week I have 2 meals planned for the holidays that will also take me off track.

Have a Good Saturday all!


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