Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 45!!! Halfway through Power90. Thoughts and Goals for the next 45..

WOOHOO, party time, rock on... I am now at the halfway mark of Power90 at day 45!!

My coach asked me "So ... How would you compare yourself today with the you 45 days ago? "
My response: I am certainly a lot stronger and I also have a lot more stamina/endurance. I am also more determined and focused. I feel more alive than I can recall in times past.

Goals and thoughts for the second half of power 90, the next 45 days:

The next 45 days will have challenges for sure. I know that travel will be heavy for me.

1) I need to work on my sleep schedule some more. I need to ensure that I always get at least 7 hours a night. I also need to get up at least by 7 AM everyday.

2) I have made vast improvements to my nutrition and hope to continue to hone in on the 2000/200/50/200.

3) Physically I would like to be down to 165 and less than 20% body fat by the end of the next 45 days.

4) I also hope to be able to fully pass all aspects of the fit test for p90x in 45 days.

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