Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 7 - Rest Day - day after notes..

Yesterday was great. I got in my stretching first thing in the morning as I had planned and I generally felt great all day. I did not get my free meal of the week at Stonewood as it was closed, so I did not have steak. Instead we went to an Italian restaurant and I had a small portion of the brick size lasagna they brought to me. I ate mostly the tomato sauce, which had meat, garlic and mushrooms in it, with about a 10th of the actual lasagna. I also had a chili cheeseburger yesterday as I had been craving one all last week. The rest of my meals were mostly the same as any other day. Here is the breakdown:

Meal 1: Protein Shake - this time I added peaches. It was tasty but I am not sure if the peaches are OK so I will stick with the berries.
Meal 2: Small portion of Lasagna, Tomato sauce with meatball, mushroom, and garlic. Salad with goat cheese and Walnut Vinaigrette
Meal 3: Small Yogurt
Meal 4: Baked Salmon, Steamed Broccoli, Raw Cucumbers and Tomatoes
Meal 5: Chili Cheeseburger

I suspect I had way to many calories yesterday, but it was my rest day.

Here are my Day 1 and Day 7 Measurements:

Day 1:
Chest: 40.5"
Right Arm: 12.5"
Left Arm: 12"
Waist: 38.5"
Hips: 37.5"
Right Thigh: 19.25"
Left Thigh: 19.25"
Weight: 177
Blood Pressure: 152/83
BMI: 25.3
Fat%: 24.1

Day 7:
Chest: 39.5"
Right Arm: 12.5"
Left Arm: 12"
Waist: 36.5"
Hips: 37.5"
Right Thigh: 19"
Left Thigh: 19"
Weight: 169.8
Blood Pressure: 138/80
BMI: 24.4
Fat%: 22.4

Weight Lost = 7.2 pounds

I am happy with week 1 results. I feel the Fat Burner Express lived up to my expectations. I am expecting to put back on some of the weight loss over the next few days between just going back to a regular meal plan (according to the website I am supposed to be at 2k calories per day) and Christmas meals. Of course my free meal probably put back on one or two pounds right away.

Either way, I will Keep Pressing Play and doing the best I can with the diet/meal plan. I did sign up as a member of BB so that I can get the meal plans from them. My wife has been a great support in helping me to make sure that the meal plan is as exact as possible. Sometimes this is frustrating for me, but we are working through it. I fully believe that in one or two more weeks that we will have all of this down and it will be a LOT easier. If not, we might just quit.



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